Master Gilders is proudly run by a highly skilled second generation water gilder / antique restorer with direct-line father to son experience dating back to 1945 where the family master-craft had its beginnings originally in Malta.

The craft itself dates back much earlier still; to Ancient Egyptian times, where Pharaohs and honoured priests would have their death masks and chambers gilded with the particular water gilding technique still held true to this day.

Moving into Australia, Master Gilders has enjoyed TV News coverage for the uniqueness of the craft and its exclusivity as the only surviving traditional Maltese water gilding available in Australia.

Our services are Water Gilding with gold, silver (or finish of your choice), Dutch leafing, lacquering, polishing, wax finishes.
manufacture, fabrication of Victorian and French style replica mirrors for period homes.

We’re able to match colour, style and aging to your existing finish on any other pieces / sets.┬áSamples available for perusal upon request.

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